Sharing the Righteousness of 4th of July

Happy 4th of July or American Independence Day to everyone.  Most of us reading this blog have a lot in comparison to the world or even in comparison to others in the USA.  Since I know more than a few of you personally, I know you are generous.  If you are going to share, be sure it counts.  Please take the time to understand where your generosity goes so that the righteousness you give goes to the people in need.  Unfortunately, some of the worst organizations profess to give to veterans who defend out shores, police who defend our streets, and firefighters who defend our homes, and even the defenseless like children.  

Please use site like Charity Navigator ( to evaluate your choices.  At least ask what percent goes to overhead and fund raising.  The best organizations will easily give you a figure.  The worst are taking 99% of your money to pay themselves.  While I’m sure these people will rot in the afterlife, let’s deprive them in this life.

Give generously, but make it count.  Again, Happy 4th of July.