So Long SAP ….thanks for everything

It is a great loss to SAP and the SAP-world. I wish the best of luck in the new venture.

And Vijay Says...

Yesterday evening, I sent my resignation to my manager at SAP. I will be at SAP for a few more weeks to wrap things up.

It was quite an experience working at SAP – doing a little bit of a lot of things . What I am going to miss the most is the set of amazing colleagues I had here . These are the people who keep SAP software timeless ! Knowing them and connecting them to each other was quite rewarding .

I have worked in SAP technologies for almost all my career – across development, consulting , sales, architecture and so on . In fact a good portion of my time yesterday at work was spent on debugging a FICO application in ABAP on Hana πŸ™‚ . I must say it was quite entertaining to watch the curiosity of many younger colleagues as I was working on…

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