I have always been impressed by simple elegant solutions to problems.  Unfortunately, they often don’t work in our complex, messy world.  In my efforts, I always start by coming up with the right solution to solve the problem and then impinge reality upon it.  This means you end up modifying the solution, but at least it started pure.  If you start by dealing with all the complexities first, you risk spending the majority of your efforts on solving all complexities and may never get to done.

I have an MS in Biology that taught me to observe and hypothesis solutions.  I have MS in Computer Science that taught me to model problems and solve them with algorithms.  I got both my MS degrees from Kansas State University.  I graduated from Ohio State University with BS in Zoology after spending some time at University of Cincinnati.  With over 25 years in IT and now over half of that at IBM, I’ve learned those degrees taught me to learn, but I have to learn every day to stay relevant.

One of the best things I got Kansas State University was married.  My wife now for over 2 decades has been a best friend, a grounding force, and the light in the window that has guided me home each week.  We managed to create to wonderful children, a boy and a girl, who are now off trying to learn, love, laugh, and leave their own legacies.  From day one, I raised them to leave even though I do miss them terribly.  I’m sure they will do wonderful things I don’t even know are possible.

I now work for IBM. I’m a Distinguished Engineer and the CTO for the Global SAP Practice. I am proud of my company and of being an IBMer.  I’m not saying that other companies are bad, well a few are, but I’m glad I’ve made a career here at IBM and I offer no apology for it.  Obviously, my career colors my world and my view; however, this is my personal blog and these are my personal ideas and thoughts.  This blog is not sponsored by IBM nor is it official or sanctioned.  Bottom line, the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.

Previously, I worked in the fashion industry as a Global IT Director.  I learned that the key to fashion is relevancy (and I thought it was style!).  If you are not relevant, you don’t exist.  I’ll try to keep my idea, comments, thoughts, and writings relevant.  It is important since you’ve invested the one thing you’ll never earn any more of in your life, time.  Thank you for spending some of it with my thoughts, theories, facts, and notions.

Sincerely, Chuck Kichler.


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