Charles “Chuck” Kichler is an IBM Distinguished Engineer working to implement innovative IBM solutions as part of the IBM Chief Innovation Officer’s team since September 2015. Chuck takes systematic approach in helping IBM clients understand, architect, and implement innovative technologies driving results in the client’s business. Recently he’s been involved in turning problem accounts into stable or growing IBM accounts.

Previous to moving  to CHQ, Chuck was the GBS Global SAP Practice CTO (22 years experience). As the first Distinguished Engineer in the SAP practice, he developed the path for technical executives in ERP practices. Some of his achievements included leading IBM SAP CoC, architecting 100’s of client SAP solutions, putting some of the first SAP systems on IBM’s cloud, and building the SAP upgrade capability from $0 to >$100m/yr business led to two SAP Pinnacle Awards for Upgrade Partner of the Year. Beyond SAP and ERP, Chuck is an expert in Cloud, Application Architecture, and how pervasive technology is redefining the IT industry. Chuck has a BS in Zoology from The Ohio State Univ., a MS in Biology and a MS in Computer Science from Kansas State Univ. He lives in Florida and when not working for IBM, he will be building something or out in Gulf.

Previously, Mr. Kichler has held executive, technical, and project management roles in the information technology outside of SAP Consulting.  He was the Global Director of Technology for $2.7B Company where he globally implemented SAP, networks, customer focused IT, reduced workstation costs, and relocated head quarters and the data center.  Before SAP, he had developed large data driven database applications, architected and managed a campus wide $5MM network upgrade in a federally regulated environment, participated major corporate reengineering teams, and developed the technical and database architectures.

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Personal blog on Technology:


Numerous internal documents, wikis, and blogs including 20 hour course in 2013 – Cloud Architecture for SAP Architects
Charles Kichler. IT Evolution (cover story). E3-Magazine. October 2010
Charles Kichler, Gerald Kurth, and Bernd Schoener.  Reach for the Clouds: What Cloud Services can do for you – Enable a More Dynamic Data Center with IBM’s Cloud and Automation Offerings, SAP Insider, WIS Publishing. July/Aug/Sept 2010
C.E. Kichler. Introduction to Personal Computing Resource Book, Kendall/Hunt Publications, Co. 8/1990.
C.E. Kichler,  Techniques for Testing Prolog, MS Thesis, KSU, 4/90.
C.E. Kichler Evaluating Survival of the Crayfish, Orconectes nais, Exposed to Hypoxic Winter Conditions, MS Thesis, KSU, 8/87.

 Education, Training, and Background 

1989 Masters of Science, Computer Science, College of Engineering, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS.
1987 Masters of Science, Biology, College of Arts & Science, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS.
1984 Bachelors of Science, Zoology, College of Arts & Science, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.


IBM Business Consulting Services, Tampa, FL (previously Boca Raton, FL & Southbury, CT)
Present from December 1999 Mr. Kichler is a Distinguished Engineer and Executive working in Corporate Strategy at IBM CHQ. He works directly for the IBM Chief Innovation Officer implementing innovative solutions and resolving issues globally. These resolutions and innovations have resulted in several hundreds of millions (>$100m) in revenue for IBM.

Mr. Kichler was the IBM Global SAP Practice CTO and a Distinguished Engineer for IBM Global Business Services.  He provides executive and hands-on management and leadership to IBM and clients around SAP.  He providers leadership, guidance and analysis to align the practice with current and future trends in IT. Recently, he developed relationships across IBM and SAP to empower SAP cloud at IBM.  He remains focused on empowering IBM and its clients with profitable solutions leveraging the  latest technologies from SAP, IBM, and others.

Warnaco, Inc., Milford, CT (previously Bridgeport, CT)
December 1999 to June 1998 Mr. Kichler was the Global IT Director.  He managed up to 70 employees and consultants for IT and leading IT for SAP project.  During his tenure, he created a department through hiring and cross training, implemented new hardware, a global Intranet, and implemented SAP R/3 AFS.  One month after go-live, SAP R/3 AFS was replaced by PkMS on AS/400 requiring massive changes.  He was part of the management team that moved the headquarters, lead and managed the data center move.  All projects were at or below budget and well below regional cost norms.


IBM Business Consulting Services, Chicago, IL
July 1998 to June 1996 Mr. Kichler was Senior Consultant.  He provided SAP Basis Consulting on highly available NT, Sun, HP, and IBM SAP systems using Oracle, DB2, SQLServer and Informix databases to commercial customers.  Mr. Kichler was the IT Project Manager, led several SAP IT Planning and Assessment using IBM’s integrated methodology and continued to enhance it.


Hewlett-Packard, Naperville, IL
June 1996 to November 1994 Mr. Kichler was Senior Technical Consultant.  He provided SAP Basis Consulting including installation and tuning on HP systems to commercial customers.  In addition, he supported pre-sales activities including sizing.  Mr. Kichler specialized in high availability, backup/recovery, and disaster recovery.  He developed a SAP IT assessment methodology that became standard.  Mr. Kichler rose to the lead SAP Basis consultant in the mid-west during his tenure.


Illinois Power Company, Decatur, IL
November 1994 to May 1991 Mr. Kichler was a Computer Specialist at the Clinton Nuclear Power station where he implemented and administered multiple complex database systems including 10CFR20 compliance systems.  In addition, he designed and deployed a new $5M UTP campus network and altered the IPS corporate network standard to provide 30% savings.  Mr. Kichler was often called into fix high profile, critical technical issues outside of his normal areas due to the ability problem solve while under significant pressures.


CompuCorp, Inc., Springfield, IL
May 1991 to June 1990 Mr. Kichler was programmer and administrator in AT&T VAR providing custom 4GL programming, DBA, network installation and administration, and NT and Unix Administrator to multiple regional clients.  He developed several large applications including construction tracking applications and automated many of the programming tasks resulting in significant savings to his clients.


Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
June 1990 to September 1984
  • Faculty Instructor for Introduction to PC’s which became a required course for all undergraduates.  Standardized teacher and student materials and published a workbook.  On undergraduate faculty advisor council.
  • Private Consultant for KSU Veterinary School providing desktop assistance and education, and software and network (LAN) migration.
  • Graduate Teaching Instructor for Introduction to Personal Computers.  Completed my MS in Computer Science.
  • Graduate Research Assistant providing statistical data analysis and programming for Entomology department.
  • Graduate Teaching Instructor for Advanced Ecology and Freshman Biology.  Completed by MS in Biology.


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