Day 1+ at #SAPtd

So now I'm a developing Ninja!
So now I’m a developing Ninja!

Great day of catching up with old friends and new friends. Meetings with SAP and meetings with clients. Last nights kick off with Steve Lucas was interesting. Lots of make it real stuff. Loved the big steel cranes. SAP is going into Internet of Things (IOT) with HANA.  I was intrigued by HANA Cloud Portal (HCP). A really recent product quietly announced at Sapphire and now claiming 50K users. It looks to give and even IBM Blue Mix competition.

I was really sorry the IBM Lab for SAP Solutions (LSS) didn’t get up and present. We’ve done an awesome application using HANA, Lumira, Predictive Analytics, and Mongo DB to let us adapt on the fly to help aide workers in the fight of disease in the field, such as the Ebola epidemic in Africa. I know it is a tough topic, but it is way better than anything else I saw.

More as find a few minutes to blog.

Author: cloudubq

Shaving solutions with Occam's razor while seeking simple elegant synergies. Scientist working as an engineer by architecting systems to improve the world and support my family.

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