MongoDB for the non-technologist – It is not just what we make, it is what we make possible !


I like your idea of making Mongo more understandable. I know I struggled with it at first. I’ve always had very strong ideas about DB structures. I so agree on the flexibility. It is both exciting and scary at the same time. As a DBA, what am I going to do if I can’t go around telling people NO and how hard my job is when they want to make a change. While I do jest, it is a significant change. A few comments, as you know I would.

Please don’t borrow slogans. It makes you into follower. There are hundreds of ideas along the same line. I always loved the GE one “we bring good things to light.” The double meaning is brilliant. That is what is marvelous about the English language. The real cloud database. An agile database that supporting your inspirations. A DB at the speed of cloud, thought, ideas, inspiration, etc. Give me a call and we can bounce a few ideas.

On the standardization, you failed to mention the why. We standardize to lower complexity and cost. We diversify, creating heterogeneity, because new capabilities come into existence. The computer, and especially the software world, grow exponentially, so there is a universe of temptation out there and more arriving tomorrow. It is every CIO’s constant problem. It is why we drown in a sea of business cases trying to solve the equation where even the constants are changing.

Regardless, good luck at Mongo and it is really cool product. I just have to find an excuse to play with it and better yet put it into a project. I’d like to be the DBA who gets to say “yes” for a change.

And Vijay Says...

I borrowed the title from an inspiring Intel slogan from 2008.

How exactly does someone choose one database over another?

That of course depends on who the “someone” is – the answer differs whether you are a developer, and ops person, an architect, an executive or an end user. If you are a developer , an ops person , a consultant or another kind of IT expert, and you are reading this – you probably already know why you chose MongoDB over other databases. Your next step is probably to convince someone else on “why MongoDB “ . And typically that person does not come with deep technical background like you do.

A good part of my job is to explain to our partners and customers what is new and different with MongoDB – in non technical terms . And having done that a few times now – I…

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Author: cloudubq

Shaving solutions with Occam's razor while seeking simple elegant synergies. Scientist working as an engineer by architecting systems to improve the world and support my family.

One thought on “MongoDB for the non-technologist – It is not just what we make, it is what we make possible !”

  1. I do borrow quite a bit from things that inspire me – and I attribute the source . But – I would also love to discuss with you on how to message the next time we meet . I value your input tremendously

    I did leave out the “why” on standardization – that is a good catch . When I wrote it – I thought the why was rather obvious . But in hindsight maybe I should have bee more explicit .

    Gagan and gang are already playing with MongoDB . Pls do check in with him . I can’t wait to hear your feedback after you try it

    Thanks Chuck !

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