Watching with pride and envy and gratitude

When I came to IBM, I said one of my aspirations was to help someone reach a Sr. VP in IBM.  I don’t mean promote them, but I mean be part of their path.  We all work in web of influence.  Helping others mature along their paths and achieve to their highest levels is critical.

At the same time, it can mean promoting people to your level or above.  It is impossible to not feel a twinge of jealousy.  For me, I have to acknowledge this, but then move on.  Good news is I think I got close.

My dear friend, colleague, and now Sr. VP Vijay at SAP has made it.  In all honesty, I had very little nothing to do with it.  Maybe an encouraging word or a bit of advice, but it was Vijay’s work ethic, willingness to take chances, and positive bright outlook on life, technology, and people that got him to this level.

It is not anyone, but all of these combined that has brought him success.  At a large client, he took on the latest Netweaver features when everyone including me said they wouldn’t work.  When they didn’t, he didn’t stop.  He just got some help from SAP establishing a relationship with those in SAP and then succeeded.  Later he turned his gregarious nature, sharp mind, and experience into a blog.  At the point he entered the digital public domain, there were very few and no real IBM policy.  Vijay has lead the way.

In the end, I think I gained the most.  I learned to take a more positive attitude and avoid my darker side.  I moved my blogging from inside IBM and inside of SAP, to this forum.  While I don’t expect to gather the response that Vijay’s blog gathers, it has been a learning experience for me.

Now that I have a colleague who made it to SVP in SAP; I’ll have to find someone to work with to make SVP in IBM.  And let me challenge you, who are you helping move their career and life forward?  I think you’ll find you get as much, or more than you give.

Author: cloudubq

Shaving solutions with Occam's razor while seeking simple elegant synergies. Scientist working as an engineer by architecting systems to improve the world and support my family.

6 thoughts on “Watching with pride and envy and gratitude”

  1. Chuck, you are being way too modest. Without the type of encouragement that mentors like you gave me generously, I would not have achieved anything in my professional life. So thank you ! And there is a whole slew of talented people at IBM who could use your counsel to grow their careers. I pray that they find you soon

  2. Hi Chuck, Good one, Hearty Congratulations to Vijay again (I chatted with him yesterday)..! I recall that couple of years ago, I had mentioned to Vijay that he should be part of thought leadership at SAP in strategising and developing new products. He has done it now. Well done..!

  3. Chuck. Terrific write up here. Having both you and Vijay as my mentors over past few years at IBM has put me in the sweetest spot to learn from the VERY BEST. One of my mentors is now an SVP at SAP and the other one is a CTO Distinguished Engineer at IBM. I will be lucky if I can achieve close to 20% of what you 2 Leaders have achieved at IBM. I salute you for this terrific blog and you need to write more often.. 🙂
    We will miss Vijay a lot at IBM and this is a HUGE void to fill. But on the other side I am extremely excited with his new role and look forward to collaborate with him on what that he does best : INNOVATE !!

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